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Ayurvedic Treatment for Dengue Fever

Namaste, If any of your family members is suffering from malaria, chikungunya, or dengue, then you should watch this video very carefully. This is cinnamon (dalchini), turmeric (haldi), avla, ginger (adrak), bay leaf (tej patta), and this is giloye. You can take this size. Boil all these ingredients two times a day and give them to malaria or dengue patients to recover the number of lost platelets. Weakness and level of hemoglobin also improve by only having this drink twice a day. All these ingredients are not so costly and are available in your house easily. 

The mosquito bites a lot of people, but not all of them get ill with dengue. It is only the people who have low immunity or a side effect from some medication they are taking that fall sick. Only these people suffer from platelets reduction, weakness, low hemoglobin levels. 

So, what mistake are you making? 

Today listen carefully, if you have any symptoms of malaria, chikungunya, dengue, or corona, then you should not eat food for 2 to 3 days. You should only eat coconut water, mausmbi juice, or green leafy vegetables. And make dalchini, haldi, avla, adrak, tej pata, and giloye, boil them, and have this drink 2 or 4 times a day. And you can also add neem or papaya leaves. This can save you or your loved one from malaria, chikungunya, or dengue. 

What to eat? 

If you go to a hospital, you might be spending a lot of money as they hook the patient upon to glucose or oxygen and other complicated things. People sell their houses, cars, and jewelry to pay the hospital bills. And this is why I have taught you something new and easy methods to cure these diseases.  Now you have to spread this video as much as possible so that every person is aware of it, as malaria and dengue are at rising currently. 

The patient should not even eat for 2-3 days, only light food intake like mausambi/fruit juice, herbal tea,  warm water or coconut water, or any other green juice. The patient should avoid milk and yogurt. If necessary, drink coconut milk. 

So not it is your duty to spread and share this video as much as possible. 

An alternative:

If it is not possible for you to have this tea, you can get a ‘vish har ras’ and a pack of 32 Jadi Buti at our clinic. And if you are unable to pay for these, then our center provides these packs for free. The vish har ras contains kalmeg, giloy, neem, and punarva. And this one has 32 Jadi buti. The needy only have to show their dengue or corona report to get a free pack from our center. We have 160 clinics all over India.  And for the ones who can pay, they can buy this for only 500 rupees. And if the condition of the patient is very severe, they can have Ayush Kwath which was approved by the government. The pack of these three would be made available for only 500 rupees. 

Now it is your duty to spread this video to the people in need. Thank you. 

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