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COVID-19 Vaccination & Menstruation (It’s Safe?)

Dr. Mangla Dogra is an MBBS, MD(Obs. & Gynae), has experience of 34 years, i Director & Senior Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynecologist st Dogra Nursing Home, Chandigarh. She busts the myth about getting vaccinated when the woman is menstruating.

COVID-19 Vaccination during periods. Is it safe?

The government has now allowed vaccination for 18 years and plus. There are a lot of apprehensions in the general public regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. 

One of such false information that’s floating around is; ‘Women who are in their reproductive age cannot get vaccinated during their menstruations” 

Dr. Dogra, while denying this said, that this is just a rumor and there is no truth to this. 

She also added, “Go ahead, get the vaccine, even if it’s during your periods, Covid vaccination is totally safe.” 

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